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Several years ago I went from a size 6 to a size 14, due to having a low thyroid. I tried everything to lose the weight. On top of that I entered midlife which made it harder to lose weight. I discovered that the more muscle I built with strength exercises, the more calories it took to maintain those muscles. I kept missing my workout due to being so busy with my job and family. That is why I created KFit Exercises.

Now from morning to night I do a few KFit Exercises in most every room. From brushing my teeth or hair in the morning, I do KFit Exercises. Before I open the refrigerator door, I do KFit Exercises. When I go into my office or home office, I do Kfit Exercises. When I walk our dog, I do Kfit Exercises. When I watch TV, I do Kfit Exercises. My friends have added Kfit Exercises when they take their kids to their practices. By the end of the day, adding a few KFit Exercises to your daily routine, you have completed a full body workout. It worked for me and It can work for you too!